Reactive Ensemble is an advanced music technology performance group, a virtual ensemble focused in the realization of art in dialogue with new technologies. Its main purpose is to provide the technological support for the creation, implementation and performance of demanding musical and audiovisual works.

The ensemble is constituted by a network of soft- & hardware that allows fully interaction between humans and machines. It is assisted by artists devoted to technology, generating the perfect symbiosis to solve technical problems in an artistic context.

Reactive Ensemble operates in a cooperative mode. It is constantly looking for collaborations with other artists and musicians. The ensemble also studies and realizes various electro acoustic repertoire as well as original compositions; participants of the ensemble compose and perform computerized, computer assisted, and electro-acoustic music.

As a modular ensemble, it can be adapted to fulfill any setup, from small to large scale projects with cost-effective solutions, giving to the musicians the flexibility to experiment and the warranty of a successful performance.